Travel Warnings have been given by Eurostar Service

Travel Warnings have been given by Eurostar Service

The Eurostar service providers render service for travelers traveling between London St Pancras International and Paris. According to the service providers, this is going to be the busiest weekend for travelers between the mentioned routes. A warning has been issued for the inconvenience that will be seen by customers. 

According to the reports, the power supply is causing major disruption at Paris Gare du Nord. These routes are facing issues and the consequences lead to cancel two trains to and from the French Capital. 

Weekends are the busiest days in the city and canceling traveling due to power issues has caused inconvenience to the customers across Europe. 

The British Transport Police is assisting at the Eurostar terminal as hundred of customers are indulging in rebooking. It is very important for the police to assist at the terminal and help avoid chaos. 

Furthermore, the train operator has advised the passengers to travel to and from Paris only if it is vital. The power issue has caused traffic disruption. A compensatory measure has also been initiated to assist the passengers. If a passenger is late by more than 60 minutes, he or she can claim compensation. 

The alternatives have also canceled flights between Heathrow and Paris Charles de Gaulle due to the extreme weather conditions. Adding further, the weather conditions are severely disrupting transportation services. 

All the updates are being provided on the internet for rescheduling, delay, and revision in the timetable on the particular routes across Europe. 

The power issues are being resolved by the engineers but the inconvenience caused due to weather is out of the league. However, the authorities are trying to manage the issues as soon as possible. 

Patience and co-operation from passengers will be appreciated. 

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