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The commuters of the United Kingdom’s London as well as the south east area were warned and asked to avoid rail travel as the train tracks could buckle. 

In hot summers the train tracks can be about 20 Celsius hotter than the environment’s temperature which causes expansion of the steel train rails thereby making them more susceptible to buckling and breaking under all the pressure from the trains, reported Network Rail. It is less likely for the tracks to buckle if the trains run at a slower speed, it was said but this in turn would cause huge delays.

Rail services into London from areas of Kent, Cambridge and Sussex as well as other similar belts would be reduced, as in fewer trains will run at slower speeds as speed restricting guidelines will be imposed. South-eastern said that the trains will be much busier than usual as significantly lesser trains would be running and the journeys will be of longer durations than before due to the reduced speed of the trains on Thursday. The train companies also warned the people to avoid travelling altogether if possible due to the severe heatwave that is expected to hit London and the south east area on Thursday. Operator of London to Scotland east coast line, LNER also advised the people against travelling.

The Gatwick express, Great Northern, Southern and Thameslink services along with Southern Trains warned the people of delays and advised the commuters to avoid travelling as well and all of their services will be affected, they said.

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